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Sweeping Services

Sweeping Services


First impressions are monumental impacts. A clean and well maintained parking lot is a reflection of the business and its priorities. It shows you care about the people entering your facility and the environment of the city.


From property management firms to HOA’s, shopping malls and office buildings, we provide full service sweeping for all sizes of businesses and properties. Our vacuum sweeper is equipped to comply with all municipal codes pertaining to air quality controls. Our fleet also includes smaller skid steer and broom sweepers for use in detailing corners, curbs & sidewalks.


Sweeping of parking lots improves the air quality in our city, but it also plays a critical role in maintaining your asphalt. Our sweepers pick up a variety of dirt and debris left behind by Mother Nature and visiting customers. It aids in prolonging the life of the asphalt, striping, & seal coating by diminishing the accumulation of harmful abrasives.


We recommend the following schedule for sweeping paved surfaces:

  • Initial sweep: performed once in spring prior to May 15th or as weather conditions permit to remove winter sand.
  • Maintenance sweep: Lots that receive heavy traffic or particle buildup will need subsequent visits through the summer. However, it is also recommended to perform a maintenance sweep in late summer/early fall on all lots. This sweep helps reduce the amount of sediment that runs off the following spring during breakup.

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