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Lawn Maintenance

The "Lower 48-ers" call us crazy for living in Alaska, but it's our summers that keep us here.  The days may be long, but the summer goes fast!  So go fishing, camping, hiking hunting and have a barbeque.  Let us take care of your lawn and you can "check it off the honey-do list".



We have crews that can setup and move sprinklers to keep your lawn watered, healthy and green. 

We also have full-size water trucks that can water areas that don't have easy access to a water source.  For more information on our water truck and water delivery service, click here.



Lawn areas are mowed and trimmed on a weekly, bi-weekly or other custom schedules as requested.

Lawns are cut to a height between 2-3 inches via a mulching or bagging mower. Edges, objects, trees, and structures are trimmed with a line trimmer.


fertilizer application

Fertilizer applications should be performed every 6 weeks throughout the growing season to promote a healthy lawn. Our mid-season service is provided during June with our late-season application in August.

Remember, whenever a fertilizer application is provided, kids and pets need to stay off the grass for 24 hours



The best deterrent for weeds is a healthy lawn. Providing your turf with adequate nutrients, dethatching and aeration services will assist in promoting strong roots and a healthy turf.

However, whether you live next to a park or a neighbor that lets their lawn run wild, weeds can become a frustration part of maintaining your turf. We provide weed n feed and weed spray applications.

Remember that whenever a weed control or fertilizer application is provided, kids and pets need to stay off the grass for 24 hours.



Cleaning up the leaves and debris in the fall prepares your lawn and gardens for the long winter months.

Our fall clean-up service consists of raking the lawn, blowing out garden beds, a final mow and trim, and a fall lime/fertilizer application. We haul all bags and debris off your property. No waiting for the weekly trash pickup, no complaints from the neighbors or HOA, and certainly no unsightly piles of bags at the end of the driveway.

We believe in a clean, finished look that you can enjoy.

Fall Lime & Fertilizer Application:

We suggest applying both lime and fertilizer in the fall. Lime aids in balancing the PH level in the lawn which is best to do when the turf is minimally stressed. Since most fertilizers "feed" the lawn and encourage growth, we apply a fall fertilizer which is designed to help protect the root system during the winter.

Remember, whenever a lime and/or fertilizer application is provided, kids and pets need to stay off the grass for 24 hours.



Cleaning up turf areas in the spring gives your lawn a jump start for the summer. Our crews will thatch, if requested, hand rake the lawn, and use a blower on your beds, walkways & driveways giving it a fresh look for the summer. When finished we can apply a lime and fertilizer application.

All bags will be hauled off site so your home will look ready for summer without an unsightly pile of bags in your driveway.

Lawn Dethatching:

The process of removing a mat-like buildup of grass roots and stems that, if too thick, can inhibit healthy growth. It assists in opening up the surface of the lawns which allows for improved intake of nutrients and water.

We recommend that established lawns receive a thatching service every spring. Our crews utilize a power thatcher with tines that scratch the surface of the lawn in a "combing" mannerism.


Spring Lime & Fertilizer Application:

Lawns need a boost in the spring; we suggest applying both lime and fertilizer at the beginning of the season. Fertilizer provides the "food" or nutrients for the turf while lime helps balance the PH level. Having a lawn with the ideal PH level aids in balancing the soil and allows for the optimum intake of nutrients.

It is best to apply lime in the spring and/or fall when the stress level of the lawns are minimal; however, it can be applied at any time through the season.

Remember, whenever a lime and/or fertilizer application is provided, kids and pets need to stay off the grass for 24 hours



Aeration perforates the soil and pulls out plugs to alleviate soil compaction.

Performing this service allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots which help the roots grow deeper producing a stronger turf. 



before edging
after edging

Power edging your lawn creates a crisp clean line between the grass and any hard surface such as a driveway, curb or sidewalk. It enhances the appearance of your lawn by giving it a neat and manicured look.

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